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Coyote T-shirts & More is a family-owned business. We saw an opportunity to offer a product to Canadians in a way that didn’t really exist up to that point. Custom t-shirts were being offered by a few companies but they were really missing the mark in customer service by not taking care of the customers wanting small quantities. The idea of sitting with a designer to create your apparel and promotional products design was unheard of, or having different names and numbers on the back of your team’s baseball shirts at no extra cost…no way! So we decided to send Canadian some love and help them out with pain point.

Thus was the birth of Coyote T-Shirts & More. The only place in City of Calgary where you get face-to-face interaction with the people who will actually customize products that you want. We welcome ideas, show you a vast number of graphics to choose from, give you advice on what colours will look best on what t-shirt, and, if on the off-chance we’re not busy, we might even print off a single while you wait! We’ve always put our customer first in every decision we’ve made within the company and based on our illustrious collection of reviews in Google, Calgary appreciates all that we do.

After a long research we have decide to move to a place where we can have a beautiful store front and enough warehousing space so that we can keep enough of inventory to fulfill our promise of delivering orders in 72 to 120 hours without additional charge of rush orders.

It’s been a whirlwind experience, and we’ve learned a lot along the way, but I believe we’ve come to build something great that Calgarians love and enjoy being a part of. With tons of appreciation and encouragement from Calgarians we decided to spread our quality services and quality porducts to the rest of Canadians, that made us to create an online store where all the Canadians can visit and take benefits of well re·nowned servises and quality products.

We offer all the techniques that can be used to customize apparel and promotional products. Please don’t forget to check out our services page.

Coyote T-shirts & More respects your privacy and is committed to using the information you provide responsibly. Please refer to our Privacy PolicyGeneral Policy and Shipping and Return Policy.

How are we different 

The major difference is that we are a 100% local Canadian company that has a physical location in the city of Calgary and has real people to talk to. We do all types of customization in-house and do not outsource to any other country, that is one of the reasons we can offer a faster turnaround time than our competitors. We also stock plenty of blank products at our 3600 sqft shop to fulfill an even bigger quantity order at a shorter turnaround time.

Coyote T-shirts & More is a family operated business and we always stand behind our products to offer the best quality for reasonable price.

The honesty and the best qulaity offered by us, made us ranked on the number one on thebestcalgary.com. They review and rank the businesses based on many points. Please check their website to review other businesses and how they rank business.

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